What a holiday!

It’s amazing what you can do with stuff you find. When I went to my dad’s work I made a set of cool glasses using a stick, two rubber gaskets, wire and sticky tape. First I attached the gaskets to the stick using sticky tape. This made the eyes. Then I made the ear hooks by looping the wire and then I made sure it fitted on my head. Then I taped the wire to the stick.

I didn’t know I was going to make glasses. That’s how it turned out. Maybe I will make a necklace next time. At my dad’s work there is lots of stuff lying around outside.


2 thoughts on “GUEST POST By Jema

  1. The glasses are cool as. Your dad must be very cleva. I uesd to think glasses are old and not very uesdfull but now i think glasses can be made of evrything in the world.

  2. I thought you could not make glasses by yourself but now I noticed that you can make glasses by yourself. Have you made the necklace yet?

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