1. Well done everybody. We have made lots of story books together which is good so other people can share them. There are so many to choose from, its lots of fun.

    • Yes, I agree Antonio. Sharing is the best. I hope you are going to write a new book. Let me know if I can help you with it.
      Ms Lockyer

  2. Hi 2l. I used to think that the Mario game would be easy but now I know that it is very hard. I think that we should make it a little bit easier because level one was very hard because I played 20 times! And I still could’t pass level one. Catch ya latter.

  3. Hi Jai. You haved zoooooooooomed ahed with your writing. You did not write like this in year one. You sure did zoooom ahed with your imagernation.
    Did you really have a imagernation like this in year one.
    From Shoma

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