How Have I Changed Since I Was a Baby?

How Have I Changed Since I was a Baby? from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

As part of our Inquiry into lifecycles, we have been examining our own lifecycle. How have we changed since we were babies? In this activity we aimed to describe our changes as a scientist would: using specific term and accurate descriptions.
What do you think? Have we used scientific language in our movie? Comment here.

Flip the Alphabet Buddy Activity with Grade 2E

This maths activity was very interesting, and more enjoyable because we got to teach it to our friends in Grade 2E.

Which letters of the alphabet still look the same after a vertical flip?  Which of them still look the same after a horizontal flip?  Are there any letters which look the same after both a horizontal and a vertical flip?  Write your answer here in the comments.

Flip the Alphabet from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

Tara Reads

Tara really impressed us with this video of her reading of the book ‘Car Trouble’. Her Mum Soraia and I thought it had a great message in it.

After we watched the video the class discussed which reading strategies we noticed Tara using. We heard her ‘back up and re-read’. We also noticed that she read contraction words correctly and used speech marks very effectively to help us to understand what was going on. These are part of the strategy of using punctuation to make sense of what you read.

Can you notice Tara using any other strategies in her reading?  Leave your comment here.

Tara Reading from brette lockyer on Vimeo.


What a holiday!

It’s amazing what you can do with stuff you find. When I went to my dad’s work I made a set of cool glasses using a stick, two rubber gaskets, wire and sticky tape. First I attached the gaskets to the stick using sticky tape. This made the eyes. Then I made the ear hooks by looping the wire and then I made sure it fitted on my head. Then I taped the wire to the stick.

I didn’t know I was going to make glasses. That’s how it turned out. Maybe I will make a necklace next time. At my dad’s work there is lots of stuff lying around outside.

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fingers from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

We have been enjoying sharing of information and ideas from our three quadblogging buddy classes. Peterhouse Primary group Oriel Owls gave us some great tips for our bingo games.

To say THANKYOU to our quadblogging schools, we made this movie  to teach them how to play one of our favourite maths games, Fingers.

What to do: Make a group with 2-4 students. The teacher or leader calls a number. Your group must put out this many fingers. Each person in the group must have at least one finger down.

Quadblogging buddies, let us know how you go with our game. Leave a comment here.


Happy holidays, Grade 2L gang.


Have you tried out your Storybird account yet? Don’t forget that your Storybird information is in the back of your school diary.  Keep watching our blog for our first published stories.


Our holiday maths challenge on Voicethread can be found here:

Don’t forget you can type your answer, or leave a voice recording – much more fun I think!


Follow this link to the Online Super Mario Flash Game and select the ‘Level Editor’ to create your own levels. Build your tunnels and mazes, select your player to control. Leave a comment here to let us know how you are going in your game creation.

A word of warning about the Mario Game Challenge: how will you convince your parents that you are learning and not just playing? Work on creating your own game, rather than just playing others. Make a great plan for your own Mario game before designing. Show your plan to your parents and discuss your ideas to impress them with your thinking!


Zoe has invented a new maths game, ‘Money Bingo’. You write money amounts on your bingo card.  The clues called are all about making the amounts with 5c pieces. For example, the clue for $1.00 is ‘Twenty 5c pieces.”

Leave a comment to let Zoe what you think of her game.  Can you think of the clues for the other numbers?  Can you design your own board for Money Bingo?