“WHY?” A Playscript Presented by Chanel, Ella and Isabella

Why_ MP3

Based on the book “Why?” by Lindsay Camp and Tony Ross, Chanel, Ella and Isabella do a wonderful job of recording this play script for our ‘Listen to reading’ table.  It is the story of a little girl called Lily who drives her dad crazy by always asking ‘Why?” Then one day while they are at the park a spaceship full of invading Thargons lands, intent on invading Earth. Lily asks them “Why?” and drives them crazy too.
What do you think of their choice of story? How do you think they went with their reading? Leave your comment here, including tips how to improve reading or suggestions for their next recording.


In our Writers’ Workshop we wrote rich sentences to improve our writing. Leave a comment but be specific: what is it that you like about any of the sentences?

As William walked away from his favourite shop with his head bowed down, he cried, “Blockbuster’s Closing.”  WILLIAM

“I am really sad Blockbuster’s closing” cried Ella.  “Now where am I going to get my DVD’s from?” sobbed Ella again.  ELLA

“Blockbuster’s closed” the little girl read the sign with a tear sliding down her face.  JOSHUA

The man walked up the street to the shop and cried,  put his hands over his eyes saying “Blockbuster’s closed!” and he shuffled sadly away. DANIEL

“Yes, yes and YES!” yelled a happy Tara. “Blockbuster’s closing” as she screamed ecstatically from the K-Mart across the road. TARA

Jema yawned as she said sleepily “Blockbuster’s closing” and made her way back home with no DVD to watch that night.  ZOE

“Blockbuster’s closed. That’s my favourite shop in the world.” Lucas shook his shoulders and then put his hands over his eyes.  LUCAS

As Madison grumpily stomped over to Blockbuster she saw the sign.  “Blockbuster’s closed.” She frowned all the way home. MADISON

Mr Grumpy put his hands in his pockets and stomped down to the next video shop saying “Huh.  Blockbuster’s closing.” AMY

“Blockbuster’s closing. That was my favourite shop” cried Chelsea as tears dropped on her cheek and she put her head down. CHANEL

“Yay” the girl jumped up and down in amazement.  “Blockbuster’s closing. No more boring videos for the rest of my life.” ISABELLA

Mr Sad put his shivering hands on the window of his shop and peeked in. Then he grabbed the keys out of his pocket and cried “My Blockbuster’s closing.” MONIQUE

“Blockbuster’s closed for the last time” cried Blake. BEN

“Blockbuster’s closed.  How am I going to get a DVD now? Where am I going to get a DVD?” growled the angry man.  DION

“Yes, yes, yes, Blockbuster’s closing” as the evil Sir Boom set the bomb timer, he stood there chuckling, waiting for Blockbuster to explode.  SHOMA

Ben’s mouth dropped. He was amazed. he said “Blockbuster’s closed.”  BLAKE

As he put his head against the door some tears started to drip down his face and he said “Blockbuster’s closed down.”  JOE

As Jai the madman smashed his feet on the floor he said “Blockbuster’s closed.”  JAI