Soccer Friends

Soccer Friends MP3

Brodie has written a fabulous story. He has made a wonderful recording with Ben, Joshua and Dion. Listen and enjoy!

What do you think of their reading?  Have you got any tips for them to zoom their reading up to the next level?

15 thoughts on “SOCCER FRIENDS

  1. Benyou look really fluent in you reading.and I think I saw that someone was helping Ben and I’m happy about that. All of you were helping your friend!

  2. The soccer frends you wore brilliant. I know mr Ben had bump his reeding to level 22. dion I did’int bllive you when the first time you reed you just bumped up your accuracy to level 25 same as Joshua and Brodie.

  3. Hi everyone,
    Joshua that’s great reading!
    Ben you have bumped up your reading!
    Dion you have became a good reader.
    Brodie you sound great! Keep it up!
    The more you read the more you know
    Everyone keep it up! Your reading is amazing!

  4. Hi Soccer Friends!

    Great to see you are all working very hard. Reading is so much fun, you can learn so much.

    When you are driving in the car with your Mum and Dad, read the street signs to them, that way you get to read more and Mum and Dad won’t get lost.

    Keep reading 🙂

    From Jhett’s Mum, Danielle xx

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