Monique leads the class to investigate whose lunchbox is the heaviest. Shoma suggested that within small groups we use scales and have a ‘Final Eight’ play-off. This will eliminate the lunchboxes which are the lightest.

Has Monique left out any information?  Was there another way to find out which lunchbox was the heaviest?  Record your ideas in a comment.

9 thoughts on “CHAMPION LUNCHBOX

  1. who one the champion lunchbox?
    the champion lunchbox was a good ida, because it habs mylearn which is a kilogram or not.
    jema had the champion lunchbox.
    it was good, and i had lost of fun

  2. The champon lunchbox was all about finding killograms and weight lots of lunchbox is a killlogram and that is maths. This is a anczample haveing a lunchbox that is a killogram you can put killogram of frot or snaks and you win the champon lunchbox like monique. If you dont have a lunchbox is not a killogram you wont win the champon lunchbox. The champon lunchbox was fun.

  3. William that was really good taiping the video.
    lets get to the main point. who was the chiampion lunch box?And great job Monique at speaking on the micraphone.


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