Where Does It Come From?

As part of our Inquiry into how people meet their economic needs and wants, we investigated where things come from. We brought in items from home, examined them and discovered their country of origin. We then placed the items on a world map to notice any patterns or interesting information.  We then summarised our new knowledge and understanding in this video and a class ‘sticky note’ session.

Do you notice anything interesting in our movie?  Have you got any questions or wonderings?  To help you think, you may like to use one of our question starters:

What if…

How could…

Why should…

5 thoughts on “Where Does It Come From?

  1. Hi year 2l
    I thought the video was awesome.
    I used to think that everything we have is made in Australia but now I think the things can be made in anywhere in the world.
    When I was watching the video I did not see everyones object but that is ok.
    Everyone said their words nice and clearly.
    I thought it was interesting because I really wanted to know where the objects were came from.ZOE

  2. Hi, 2l. I used to think that there was no country called Czech Republic but now I know there is. You never know what learning about the world can do. Shoma.

  3. I used to think it is a good ider if bringing stuff from china. But now i think you can bring stuff from ather plase.

  4. Hi 2L
    I was woching the video and I was wandoring were my staff came from.
    I went to check were my staff was from and I soor that nely everything I had was made in China butt I do not get it.

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