Jema and Jasmine were playing ‘Doubles Bingo’.  The clues called were for doubles facts, such as ‘double 3’ or ‘double 10’.  Jema and Jasmine were quite sad that their numbers did not get called.

Can you help them?  Which numbers do you think they should put on their bingo board?



Shoma and Zoe have created a movie using Puppet Pals app on the iPad. In this movie, Spike helps Goggles to reflect on his reading progress. Spike tells Goggles how his reading-aloud sounds, and gives him feedback about his quiz questions. What are the quiz questions? These are three questions that Goggles has created, that can be answered  by reading the book.

IMG_0847.m4v from brette lockyer on Vimeo.


Monique leads the class to investigate whose lunchbox is the heaviest. Shoma suggested that within small groups we use scales and have a ‘Final Eight’ play-off. This will eliminate the lunchboxes which are the lightest.

Has Monique left out any information?  Was there another way to find out which lunchbox was the heaviest?  Record your ideas in a comment.


William’s mum Gail interviews Lucas to find out the secrets of his excellent progress in reading this term.  Lucas tells us that it is due to his regular practice at home with his parents, his persistence, and choosing the right book.

What are your tips for success with reading?  Leave your comments here.


Chanel’s Mum Trish generously donated some stationery for our next class shop. We thought that we would like to use real money for this shop, so each person brought in $1.00 in 5c pieces. At the end of the day we counted all the money and had $25.00. This is going towards our first Kiva loan.  You can read about the Kiva Loan system here:


Did you enjoy this shop? Was it more successful or less successful than the other class shops we have held?  Write your comments here.

Where Does It Come From?

As part of our Inquiry into how people meet their economic needs and wants, we investigated where things come from. We brought in items from home, examined them and discovered their country of origin. We then placed the items on a world map to notice any patterns or interesting information.  We then summarised our new knowledge and understanding in this video and a class ‘sticky note’ session.

Do you notice anything interesting in our movie?  Have you got any questions or wonderings?  To help you think, you may like to use one of our question starters:

What if…

How could…

Why should…