As part of our inquiry into shops and money, we developed our thinking around a photo of a Blockbuster Video store which was closing down. After questions and discussion, we used drama to deepen our thinking: who might be affected by the closure and what is their viewpoint?
Brodie, Antonio, Daniel, Lucas, Tara, Jai, Monique, William, Dion, Shoma, Joshua, Madison, Zoe and Jema star in our movie.
See if you can you spot these characters: the man person with no car, the Blockbuster store owner, the manager of K-Mart, the businessman in a hurry, the Blockbuster worker, the bank manager, the fashion store guy, the teenager, the grandparents, and the potato chip delivery guys.

THINKING CHALLENGE:  Leave a comment based on: “I used to think … but now I think…” about video shops, shops closing, or other issues that you have noticed in our activity.

19 thoughts on “BLOCKBUSTER

  1. Definitely a Cannes Film Festival entry. Very entertaining, great thoughts and real concerns about the video store closing. I used to think LP records would be around forever, but CDs came along and we purchased them from a record shop, now we can buy music off the Internet…. .. I wonder how we will purchase our music in the future?? What do you think 2L..?
    Enjoy your learning…. Gail

  2. I notest you had a good time lerning scriming all over the class. Your lerning was grate and mad. But i really notest your all had fun.

  3. Hi William
    Your blog about blockbusters was sensational and very entertaining, I look forward to more in the future. Well done to all.

  4. Hi 2L
    Great job.I used to think that you got DVDs just from a store . But now I realise that you can get it from the internet overseas.And things like that.
    From Monique

  5. Hiya Wil,
    your acting capabilities are just amazing, very entertaining in your Blockbuster Closing Down movie.
    Loved it, love Aunty Vikkie, Pop and Nana.

  6. What are you growing ms Lockyer’s Class?Have any Bird eat something from you’r garden?Does you’r class like the things that you’re growing?

    • Thank you for your comment Benji. We planted a seed in a pot at school and I took it home. My dad made a fence around it and it has curled around the fence and it has got snowpeas on it. My dad picked them for me and I ate them ELLA

  7. Hi 2l
    I can not believe how much Jema and William was screaming.
    My friend Kristie saw it and thought it was wired and she loved it when Jema was screaming.
    We loved the video.Zoe and Kristie

  8. Hi 2l
    I used to think that there was only one of each shop but now I think there can more than one shop.
    When I go to a DVD store there are different DVD’s but they are still video stores.
    The funniest bit was when William was screaming and when his wig fell of his head.
    By for now.From Zoe

  9. “I used to think” that video cassettes would be around for ever. My wedding is on video and my children will never get a chance to watch it unless I dig around in storage to find a video player. “Now I think” that this will be such a different world by the time 2L finish high school!
    Our family has “movie night” every Fridays. Jasmine’s father will download a movie, maybe even purchase a 3D movie ordered on the internet and ofcourse there is popcorn- these days we are watching movies through our mobile phones. What will we think of next?

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