Amy, Ella, Jai, Monique, Shoma and Tara have made a movie to explain what Anzac Day means to them. The movie was made using the SonicPics app on the iPad. The movie was made to tell the students of Forth Worth in Texas about an important national day in Australia.

As you will find out from the movie, the word Anzac came from the involvement of Australian and New Zealand soldiers in World War One. Today we commemorate all Australians involved in war by getting involved in the Dawn Service, eating Anzac biscuits, going to special footy matches, and attending school ceremonies.

Have these moviemakers left anything out? Do you think we should be commemorating Anzac Day doing these activities? Can you think of other ways in which to commemorate?


  1. Hi Amy, Ella, Jai, Monique, Shoma and Tara! You did a great job explaining Anzac Day. We have a similar day in the USA where we remember those who fought in wars. It is called Memorial Day – it is the last Monday in May. Our class will be teaching you about Cinco de Mayo – a day where Mexicans celebrate a victorious battle against France. Here is the link to my blog giving you all of the info: http://www.frugalteacher.com/2012/04/cinco-de-mayo-presentation-friday-may.html

  2. You lernt so much in anzac day. You lernt how the soleges died you lern afl play anzac day round it was very full the croud thay hast to sing the australir nansanl anten.

  3. great job you guys I really enjoyed your work!!!!!!.
    I really learnt what ANZAC day is all about.
    I lernt that people that are in the war get to have ANZAC biscuits, and they fought for our country.
    Good job.

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