Today is ANZAC DAY I like ANZAC Day because I eat ANZAC biscuits. All of the ladies and mums made the biscuits at home to sell them to raise money for the war. They gave the soldiers ANZAC biscuits as special treats at the war.
ANZAC biscuits are really yummy. Have a nice day.
By William

What have you been doing on ANZAC Day to commemorate?  Tell us any interesting things you have found out about ANZAC Day. Do you have any questions, especially ‘something that’s bugging me’ questions about ANZAC Day?

2 thoughts on “GUEST BLOG POST: ANZAC DAY by William

  1. Today on Anzac Day I am home with my mum. Dad is working and my big brother is at his grandmas house.
    Mum explained about Anzac Day – did you know that ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps?
    When dad gets home from work we are all going to have a discussion about Anzac Day while eating Anzac biscuits.

  2. Willim that was so much about anzac day. You lern about anzac bicits you lern how anzac day can rase lots of money olso about anzac day all the solges die and thers anzac day round on footy esendon v collingwood.

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