Dad looked at the calendar with a huge smile on his face. Zoe was still sleeping and so was her little sister Katy.

“Nice sunny day for Easter, isn’t it James” the girls’ Mum Felicity said to Dad.

“It’s not just Easter Sunday today you know” he said.

Zoe woke up.  She opened her bedroom door…AND!!!  Easter eggs! Ha! Easter eggs oh yeah. Easter today!

“Katy!” screamed Zoe. “Come out of your room!  Look Katy! Easter eggs! Read the letter!”

“No, wait for Mum and Dad to wake up.”

“No, I’m not going with you.”

“Okay fine, let’s wait for Mum.”

But Zoe just couldn’t wait. She opened the lid. The smile turned into a frown.

“No eggs” she whispered and a tear ran down her face.

“What’s that crying noise” said Mum as she came down the stairs.

“They’re pretend Easter eggs.”

“What” said Mum.

“Pretend eggs!”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Yeah but look.”

The wrapping was empty.

Zoe exclaimed “let’s go hunting. Maybe they are hidden somewhere else.”

“No they’re not in the cupboard.”

” Yes. Okay look under my bed.”

“I looked under your bed. Not there.”

“I’ll go look for them.”  Zoe searched the whole house.

“I’ve being looking everywhere but I can’t find them. Oh no!!!. Hey they’re not real Easter eggs”

Katie started to cry.   “Mum! Dad! They’re not real eggs!”

Dad had a naughty look on his face. “Happy April Fools Day! Check the calendar girls.”

Zoe looked at the calendar.  The date was April 1st.

“Oh!  It’s April Fools Day AND Easter Sunday too.”

Mum and Dad took the girls out into the garden and had the best Easter egg hunt ever with real chocolate eggs this time.


How do you think Jasmine went with her story? Give her some feedback in your comment.  Challenge: can you spot her best sentence?

7 thoughts on “GUEST BLOG POST: JASMINE. “Happy Easter”

  1. Tomorrow is ANZAC DAY I like ANZAC Day because I eat ANZA biscet’s. All of the ladies and mums made the biscuits at home to sell them to raise money for the war. They gave the soldiers ANZAC biscuits as special treats at the war.
    ANZAC biscuits are really yummy. Have a nice day.
    By William

    • Hi William
      Thanks for doing this comment about Anzac Day. Would you mind if i copy-and-paste it into a guest blog post? Then we can get other people to comment about what is happening on their Anzac Day.

  2. Jasmine, I think your best sentence is this one:
    “No eggs” she whispered and a tear ran down her face.
    You have really done the strategy of SHOW DON’T TELL very well here. It is very easy to imagine what the character looks like and how she feels.
    I wonder what your next writing project will be?

  3. Hi Jasmine. Tara and I loved reading your story today. We thought it was a little sad when the girls didn’t find any Easter eggs. But glad that it had a happy ending. Great work, keep it up.

  4. Jasmine what a lovely ending to a story that was a little sad for your characters.
    I know you really enjoyed Easter this year in your new home – what a great surprise you had. The Easter Bunny made a trail of eggs and an obstacle course to find those eggs.
    I wonder what will happen next Easter?

  5. Hi jasmine
    We liked your story thet you wrote.
    there are some changlig words like searched and
    We liked the part when zoe said no eggs.
    from tara and monique

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