While reading our class novel ‘Catwings’ by Ursula LeGuin, we noticed that the author uses more than Delicious words. She uses delicious sentences! Sometimes we have to think more deeply about what the sentence means. Visit our Voicethread and record what you think the sentences mean. Why not use the Pen Tool on Voicethread to show us which words that you read are the clues.


After a visit from ‘Masterchef’ we decided we would make chefs’ hats to sell in our next class shop. Lucas tried on my hat and we worked out it was definitely too big. We brainstormed our ideas and worked out that we needed to take measurements on our heads, just above the ears. We knew that it was impractical to use counters, paperclips or matchsticks with which to measure, so when someone suggested a tape measure, it was all systems go. We had to work together, helping with the measuring and with the stages of construction of the hats. No gaps and overlaps – accuracy was so important!  We measured the distance around our heads, cut out the correct length for the hat band, attached the plastic bag for the crown, and voila! We have also decided to group our hats as Small/Medium/Large to help our customers decide quickly which one to buy. Thanks to Antonio, we set up an infographic to help us to work out the S/M/L groups.

Dion said “This is the best maths I have ever done”.  Were we doing maths? Can you identify any of the maths thinking or processes that we used? Comment here.


Today is ANZAC DAY I like ANZAC Day because I eat ANZAC biscuits. All of the ladies and mums made the biscuits at home to sell them to raise money for the war. They gave the soldiers ANZAC biscuits as special treats at the war.
ANZAC biscuits are really yummy. Have a nice day.
By William

What have you been doing on ANZAC Day to commemorate?  Tell us any interesting things you have found out about ANZAC Day. Do you have any questions, especially ‘something that’s bugging me’ questions about ANZAC Day?



Dad looked at the calendar with a huge smile on his face. Zoe was still sleeping and so was her little sister Katy.

“Nice sunny day for Easter, isn’t it James” the girls’ Mum Felicity said to Dad.

“It’s not just Easter Sunday today you know” he said.

Zoe woke up.  She opened her bedroom door…AND!!!  Easter eggs! Ha! Easter eggs oh yeah. Easter today!

“Katy!” screamed Zoe. “Come out of your room!  Look Katy! Easter eggs! Read the letter!”

“No, wait for Mum and Dad to wake up.”

“No, I’m not going with you.”

“Okay fine, let’s wait for Mum.”

But Zoe just couldn’t wait. She opened the lid. The smile turned into a frown.

“No eggs” she whispered and a tear ran down her face.

“What’s that crying noise” said Mum as she came down the stairs.

“They’re pretend Easter eggs.”

“What” said Mum.

“Pretend eggs!”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Yeah but look.”

The wrapping was empty.

Zoe exclaimed “let’s go hunting. Maybe they are hidden somewhere else.”

“No they’re not in the cupboard.”

” Yes. Okay look under my bed.”

“I looked under your bed. Not there.”

“I’ll go look for them.”  Zoe searched the whole house.

“I’ve being looking everywhere but I can’t find them. Oh no!!!. Hey they’re not real Easter eggs”

Katie started to cry.   “Mum! Dad! They’re not real eggs!”

Dad had a naughty look on his face. “Happy April Fools Day! Check the calendar girls.”

Zoe looked at the calendar.  The date was April 1st.

“Oh!  It’s April Fools Day AND Easter Sunday too.”

Mum and Dad took the girls out into the garden and had the best Easter egg hunt ever with real chocolate eggs this time.


How do you think Jasmine went with her story? Give her some feedback in your comment.  Challenge: can you spot her best sentence?

GUEST BLOG POST: The Piano by Tara

The sound of ‘The Sugar Plum Fairy’ was coming through the window of Tara’s house. She loved playing the song that her teacher Ms Lockyer had taught her.

“It’s a wonderful song. I like piano. It’s the best thing in the whole entire world” she smiled.

Tara jumped up. “Time to go! Amy and Hannah are coming around for a sleepover!”

The doorbell rang. Her friends were just in time. Tara took them straight into her room. She had set it up perfectly for a cosy Girls’ Night In.

Late that night when the girls were reading, they heard a noise.

“Ooo – ooooh – oooooh!”

“What’s that sound?” shivered Amy.

“It’s only the wind” said Hannah.

Later that night when the girls were sleeping, they heard a noise.  The sound of the Sugar Plum Fairy on the piano!

Amy thought she was dreaming and went back to sleep.

Hannah woke up. She looked over at Tara. Who could be playing?  They both jumped up. The music stopped. Tara and Amy pulled the blankets tightly over their heads and cuddled their teddy bears.

Later that night when the girls were still sleeping, they heard another noise.   The sound of the Sugar Plum Fairy on the piano again!

Hannah shook Amy. “What! What! What!”

“We heard a noise again!” Tara screamed.  They all jumped up and went over to the door. The music stopped.

Tara’s mum came in. “What’s all that fuss girls?”

Tara screamed “there’s a ghost in the piano room!”

Tara’s mum said “there is no such thing as a ghost. Now go to bed!”

Later that night when the girls were still sleeping, they heard another noise.   The sound of someone knocking on their door!

Tara jumped up. Slowly she stepped towards the door.  She put her hand on the doorhandle. She twisted it and it opened. There stood a sad little ghost holding a ghost teddy bear very tightly.

Tara thought “we can’t scream. Mum will come!” They all raced back to the bed and hid.

The little ghost spoke. “I don’t want to scare you. I just want to have some friends. Can I play with you?”

Tara smiled.” Actually, we are having a Girls’ Night In. A sleepover. Would you like to join us?”

“What’s a sleepover?”

They all  said at once “come in. We’ll show you!”

When Tara’s mum came in the morning she counted three sleepy heads. She never knew that there were four little girls in last night’s sleepover. And that there would be at every sleepover from now on.

Thanks to Amy, Hannah and Tara for help with ideas. Thanks to Ms Lockyer for doing a ‘tough edit.’

MS LOCKYER SAYS:  Leave a comment for Tara. Let her know what you like about her story, and if you notice anything she has done well as a writer.



Hi 2L.

The highlight of my day on Wednesday was visiting your classroom and seeing the amazing learning that was occurring in your room.
Thank you for teaching me about how to write a good comment. It made me feel more brave about writing one myself. Shoma provided some excellent instructions and explanations about writing comments. I love catching up on what is going on in your room through your blog site and hope that you might help me to set one up one day. 2L is truly awesome!



On our first day back in Term Two we had a special all-day maths activity: Sticker Shop. We worked in groups to set up shops, then bought and sold stickers.

What was something tricky that you learnt how to do on Sticker Shop Day?

Have you got a tip or a suggestion for our next shop day?