4 thoughts on “Goggles and Spike Get Smart With Counting

  1. Marcus i loved the work youv done.I know googles did’nt know how to kant the bers it was to big and then spike helped googles to keep on canting the beres in tens that well help googles to see much beter.

    • Yes, I agree Antonio. I think this movie could be very useful to a Prep or Grade One student. Marcus explained it very clearly. Luckily he had some teddies at home! I think Marcus should make some more Goggles and Spike movies next term. Maybe you could do it together?

  2. Hey my name is Marcus too.I love your movies there awesome Ms Lockyer class. You guys do awesome things! We are making a movie it is called a party for the alley cats. What are your movies called?

    • Thank you for your comment Marcus. I liked your comment about movies. We are planning to make a surprise movie just for you guys! MARCUS

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