iPod Circle: Calendars

Listen to our iPod Circle. We passed the iPod around to record what we already know about calendars. Our brains are not empty: we already know lots from using calendars in our world. This week we are choosing activities to bump up our learning about calendars in Maths. We will do an iPod circle at the end of the activities to see how our learning has grown!


Do you use a calendar in your life?  Tell us about it.

6 thoughts on “iPod Circle: Calendars

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Calendars are very important in my field of work. I am an Accountant and I use a Calendar everyday.

    The Calendar I use is called the Financial Calendar. My calendar starts on the 1st July and finishes on the 30th June every year.

    Every month I use my calendar to work out when my monthly reports are due. I need to finish my reports on the 9th working day of each month.

    So yes, Calendars are usually used to remind us when it is someone’s birthday or let us know when we have a party to go to….but they can be used for many different reasons and play a very important role in everyday life.

    Hope you enjoy learning about Calendars and see you all soon.



  2. Hello 2L. Every school holidays I give Jasmine and her older brother a calendar, where they are asked to fill in every day. They plan their day-to- day activities so they are not bored while I am at work. Their activities include visiting our local library and choosing their own reading books/dvd’s to take home, planning play dates with school friends, cousin sleepovers, going to the movies or a playcentre and shopping centre visits where there is always something going on during the holidays.

    How about you all try and plan out your easter holidays on a blank calendar sheet. Ask mum or dad to print one out for you.
    Our family also uses a calendar to plan our weekly chores. Jasmine will put the dishes away on certain days and tidy up the toy room while her brother will help with laundry and clean up his room on certain days. We change these chores regularly.
    I use the calendar on my iphone quite often. I add in all the school activities that are coming up and then I get a little reminder the day before.
    Calendars are the best way to help us remember special events that are coming up and to keep a record of past events.
    Hope you all enjoy learning new things each day about Calendars.


  3. I did not say anything about Calendars during our ipod circle because I didnt know what to say at that time. I now know something about calendars…..my family always buys a calendar for my grandparents every Christmas and they hang it up on their kitchen wall. There is always a photo of me and my brother in our Christmas clothes. I like calendars because I find out which day my birthday will fall on every year.

  4. i liked that everyone had a go to record the ipod. i know some people were scared but it was ok to pass the ipod. it is fun to do maths with telling everyone what your saying about what your doing. that was great questions everybody. I really like calenders to follow my activities. Wednesdays and Fridays I do soccer and Thursdays I do swimming. This is why I find calenders helpful for me.

  5. Now I know more about calendars, like when birthdays are coming up. Your birthday uis never on the same day of the week. if it is on Friday this year it might be on saturday next year. Last year february had 28 days and this year it has 29 becuase it is a leap year.

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