Joe went exploring around the neighbourhood with his family on the weekend. They took several photos of old buildings. In this video, Joe explains what he noticed about the buildings. Blake does a fabulous job of helping Joe with questions. Well done guys! You are the first ones in 2L to use the iPad app EXPLAINEVERYTHING.

What do YOU notice in Joe’s photos? Have you learnt anything new from Joe’s and Blake’s movie?  Is anything bugging you about these old buildings?


HOW MANY SLEEPS? on PhotoPeach

Ella, Madison, Monique and Zoe worked on the maths activity ‘How Many Sleeps?’ They had to work out how many sleeps until their next birthday. They used different strategies such as MAKE A TABLE and USE A NUMBER SENTENCE.

How many sleeps until your next birthday?  Which strategy did you use to work it out?

The Calendar: iPod Circle, Part 2.

After our investigation into the Calendar, we conducted another iPod Circle. As you listen, do you notice how our learning has grown?

Before we recorded, we discussed how all contributions were good, but some stretch the thinking at Grade Two level and beyond! Can you tell which comments are the beyond-Grade-Two thinking?

After our iPod Circle, we discussed how Christmas Day is always on the same date, December 25th. However, Easter is not always on the same date. Do you know why? Help us out with our learning if you know why – leave a comment.

Calendars part 2 mp3



Spike told Goggles: “My birthday is in 500 day’s time.”
Goggles replied “no, it can’t be.”
Who is right? Goggles and Spike get help from their friends Claws, Fang and Brainiac to help them work out the answer to the problem.
Shoma, Lucas, Brodie and Dion have used many maths facts to create this movie. Can you spot them? They have also put in an error about one of the facts about the end of the movie to make sure you are paying attention: do you know which one it is?

iPod Circle: Calendars

Listen to our iPod Circle. We passed the iPod around to record what we already know about calendars. Our brains are not empty: we already know lots from using calendars in our world. This week we are choosing activities to bump up our learning about calendars in Maths. We will do an iPod circle at the end of the activities to see how our learning has grown!


Do you use a calendar in your life?  Tell us about it.