Brodie and Jai explain their maths activity, Number Scrolls.
They started with two numbers, 81 and 83.
How do you get from 81 to 83? They figured it out using fingers and
thinking, then made a rule on the calculator to create a massively long list of
numbers. 2 + = = =  They even knew how to say all of them!

Why don’t you try to make a number scroll on their numbers? Do you notice any patterns?

Maths Challenge Week

Last week we challenged ourselves to stretch our learning in our independent maths activities. Our activities helped us to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We also got to improve how we read, write, say and understand larger numbers.

During the video, the students answer four questions:

  • What have you been doing?
  • Was there anything tricky about it?
  • What is something new you have discovered?
  • Can you give a tip for another learner?

Do you think this is a good way to learn maths? Write your comments here.

Zoe plays ‘Bigger is Better’

Zoe is interviewed by Ms Lockyer after we played the maths game ‘Bigger is Better’. The aim of the game is to make the largest number possible from three dice rolls.  When we interviewed one another after the game we used these questions:

  • What have you been doing?
  • Was there anything tricky in this?
  • Have you made any new discoveries?
  • Have you got a tip for another learner?


Ramona Shoma, Tara, Jai mp3

PLEASE NOTE: This audio recording is quite faint, so turn up your volume to listen in.

Jai, Shoma and Tara made a fabulous audio recording of a play based on the novel ‘Ramona the Pest’ by Beverley Cleary.

In this episode, Ramona starts kindergarten. Her first day does not go smoothly, especially when her teacher asks her to ‘sit here for the present.’

What was your favourite part of the episode? Give Jai, Shoma and Tara some positive feedback and let them know what you like about their presentation in your comments.



Today Dion and Jema made the first ShowMe movie on the iPad to demonstrate their maths learning. A triplet number is a three digit number using the same digit, such as 777 or 333. Dion and Jema show us how to change 659 into 555, by adding or subtracting to each number.
Can you teach someone in your family to play Triplets? You might like to teach them how to play Twins – a two-digit number – to get started.
Feel like a challenge? Let’s play Quads! What steps would you take to make 4321 into a Quads number?  Write your comment here.